Tixie picture.

I love how round her breasts are on top, showing that they are just busting firm.

October 6, 2006. Big breasts, Pics.


  1. howard replied:

    i want to fuck her. i want to stick my hard cock deep into her.

  2. CA replied:

    O god yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How perfect a woman can be!!!!
    The most perfect, HUUUUGE tits, sluttie face, slim and ofcourse Blonde!!!!Such a goddess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Jason replied:

    Her profile claims she is 24 years old. She looks to be in her 50’s. Maybe it is all that plastic that is making her looking so ugly.

  4. Prashant replied:

    Please give me her video link.
    She is too hot.

  5. mj replied:

    Happy to say I’ve screwed her three times – hired her through her agency in London. She’s a great kisser, excellent deepthroat, and is one very hot fuck. This pic is great of her body, but doesn’t do justice to her face – she looks a bit older and terser than she is in reality – I’d say she late 20’s/early 30’s.

  6. old man replied:

    dude u r THE buggest bullshit artist…go to a club or a pub, find the drunkest chick n fuk her u sad, scummy cunt

  7. mj replied:

    old man:

    go to Bentley’s of London website – she’s listed as Taylor – 400 GBP/hr. Every time I go to London I bang her. No bullshit.

  8. mj replied:

    Just back from UK in October – saw Tixie/Taylor again through Bentley’s. Fantastic time. IMHO, she really is the best for your money, out of all the big bust escorts that I’ve seen in the past. And a very sweet, willing-to-please disposition, in addition.

  9. tic replied:

    check tixie tixxxi pictures she is like pamela lee

  10. mike replied:

    whats the web to bentlys london i keep getting bently cars when i look it up

  11. mike replied:

    mj i need help gettin tixie help me out coming up stuck

  12. mj replied:

    Go to thebentleysoflondon.com and look under the name “Taylor”

  13. samira replied:

    من احتیاج به یک کیر کلفت دارم که اساسی به من یه حالی بده

  14. Photo Sharing replied:


  15. Easykid replied:

    I haven’t been able to see her at Bentley’s of London website. Is she still working as an escort?

  16. mj replied:

    Sadly, Easykid, I have to report that Tixie/Taylor is no longer working as a regularly available escort at Bentley’s as she had in the past. She now is UTR, and only selectively seeing clients that she had seen before and are already known to her, like myself. She is transitioning back a bit more to private life. Sorry…..

  17. mike replied:

    saw her once threw bentley a year n abit bk…is the anyway of contacting her??? anyone

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